This artefact shows the beginning of my learning and formulas and ideas I’ll have to use later in this unit. What this has taught me is how to understand speed/velocity with distance/displacement with objects. It gave me a perspective on these aspects.


I chose this artefact because it has the basics and best highlights about forces. This taught how there are forces acting on us at all times. To where there is even an opposite force to gravity called “Normal Force”. it broaden my view and understanding of how we move.

Work, Power, and Energy (WPE)

My reasoning for this artefact being the one I chose is because I believe it to show the most important aspects about work, power and energy. How everything we do is energy, being work is equal to energy. This section where my teacher made us run up and down stairs, and calculated our speed for how many steps there are. Showed me how so much energy can be converted to so little calorie loss.

Waves and Sound

I found this artefact interesting as it showed how wavelengths and waves as a whole work in closed and open air ways. How most things can affect a wave, from the medium to the material surrounding it and bouncing off of the walls. I thought this to be the best part about my waves and sound unit as it taught me something completely out of the blue, that I’ve never seen before. And it interested me.