Education/Career Goals

I have learned some useful skills with the creation of this website and with my time in the physics classroom, this project that I did showed me how to be more creative and communicative with my words. However this project taught me how to advertise my standing better, and my understanding of this course and hopefully for my future as well. My career/educational path is to become a doctor of medicine, and I believe these skills I have mentioned will come to use in this field. As much self reflection is needed, sometimes taking a step back and analysing everything I know/learned. Some of my future goals with my career is to help people and discover new advances in physics/biology fields.

Some careers that interest me are neurosurgeons, thoracic surgeon, or even a quantum physicist, I also believe that what I learned helps me in these categories in some manner. The learning in this course has helped me with Earth and Space Science course by taking it from a different view and applying it to real world circumstances, so that I may have a better understanding of Earth and Space Science. The same words I have said above can be applied for mt Biology, and Indigenous studies (English) course.