Why I think Lana Del Rey is the most underrated artist

Yes, I am going to say it again. Lana Del Rey is the most underrated artist of the present time. She deserves so much more. Although it is very sad to see, today’s music is all about fake make-ups, auto tuned pitch, and increased average loudness. Modern pop music starts with profanity in lyrics and goes all the way up to complete nudity (I am not going to talk about Miley Cyrus!).

I am sure this sounds really dumb but Lana has changed the way I think about music and life. There is a deep artistic quintessence in her lyrics and she draws the impression from great artists like Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra. ‘Born to Die‘ is the only album that I heard for more than ten months continuously. When compared to Lana Del Rey, the other music is like a plant which grows only on the surface where as Lana Del Rey is the root that typically lies below.

It all started with ‘Video games‘. I was instantly impressed with the soft vocals and arresting beauty in her lyrics. Her voice is so unique, I searched for alternative artists approximately close to Lana’s uniqueness but I could not find any, except for Nancy Sinatra. I don’t really care if she auto corrects her voice, it is sensational and captivating. Her music is ready to be perceived in many ways. It can be cheerful but painful at the same time. Most people might feel her music a bit draggy but believe me when I say this: If you don’t like it initially, you don’t have to force it. Just forget about it. But, if it so happens that you like her style in the first run, then you will be addicted to her. Lana’s music is definitely not for everyone to appreciate.

One of the main criticisms of Lana Del Rey is that she can not sing on live. She’s not perfect, her songs are not reproducible on stage. When asked about the same, Lana once replied:

 I think like, the people who have been listening to my music for a little while know that I’m more of a writer and, like, a studio singer. So I think if you come to the show, you just come to hear the songs on the record that you might like.

Yes, she is courageous enough to accept that she can not sing live and writing excellent artistic lyrics is her main ambition. This is exactly what contemporary music is missing. Instead of concentrating on the artistic part of the music, modern pop music is all about reinventing the same old sounds with increased loudness and bad lyrics.

Lana’s attempt to bring up old singing styles from history and modernising them perfectly to current audience must be appreciated. We always want everything to be perfect, but sometimes being imperfect in some aspects isn’t that bad. I sincerely hope that she gets more attention, as she deserves it.

Of stars and fantasies

I have a fantasy. Whenever I gaze through dark sky, with little stars sparkling homogeneously, I would imagine myself on one of the millions and millions of planets in this universe, which rotates around one of the many stars , and when I think about such a beautiful harmony in our universe, I get a distinct naughty feeling that we are  so insignificant on that scale. What we do everyday, what we die for mean absolutely nothing. On such a scale, all our problems seems like nothing. Even if we can probe some part of such immense beauty, it would give us infinite satisfaction.

Walking through the streets, with a speed less than ten kilometres per hour, I am just one fractionally insignificant part, in such a huge, beautiful and adventurous universe. That drives me, and that encourages me to learn more about it. I am sure it does for everyone at least once in their life.

Infinitely many

I would then wonder why the constants of nature had adjusted themselves to such a precision, allowing us to breathe. I wonder how nature calculates and computes the seemingly complex mechanisms. I wonder what processor nature uses to calculate probabilities, draw patterns out of nowhere. Does it process in bits like we do? Is that processor digital like that of our processors? We are given a huge computing machine. Having no details about the hardware and software except for some occasional clues, how can we ever solve the puzzle?

I can’t stop there, and ask how we transformed from non-living atoms to living organisms. Where is this feeling that ‘I’ comes from? How can we ever know what is reality?

At one level, the complexity in nature is very bizarre and surprising but on another level, the laws governing them are very simple.  What does nature think about us, when we are trying to probe her own creation?

It baffles me that we have something that is absolutely wild. How far can we probe her? Can we ever get to know the real algorithm she uses? I would be very disappointed if turns out to be very simple!

Unanswered questions, and some of  the questions themselves were never asked. I feel great for the fact that we live in such a wonderful time, we have so many secrets to unravel about nature. Remember I told you this was a fantasy? Well, it ends here!

(This song really soothes my mind inside out.)